Friday, April 25, 2008

Clothing and Nudity

Wow! I just read the following post by John Piper.

For the past five years or so, I have been tossing around in my mind and watching in the Bible in regards to spiritual covering. By this I mean the soul's protection and edification supplied by God's hand amid a fallen world. I watch my culture and my own life, burning with a passion for covering to be supplied. Something better, something holy, something worthy, something. . . has been lost. We are INCOMPLETE without Him. God is our utmost need and our greatest joy. He is our supply. The one who covers our naked shame.

I wish I had more fitting words, but this article states so well a portion of what the Lord has been teaching me in the still and quiet. It resounds with many other lessons that are waiting for God's timing to come out. Until then, sentences are jumbled and mixed and unready. So I will wait for my time of clarity, cherishing the pieces of the story that I have been given so far.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mimicking Maurice Manning

My Sabbath day Boss is
every day the freshness of
it never pales I cannot stop
from coming near to gaze
thru windows of your heart
should heartache or sickness or
temptation strike there stands
the cross to point me home
though many days Boss I am worn
by tempests of my cultures gold
you are rock unchanged and true
to hold me fast ‘til days are thru
may the workings of my hand
reveal the daughter of thy throne
in aching days of creation’s groaning
for thy glory in the world be known

by Kendra Hinkle 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

All the Way from China

This morning I received an amazing email from one of my former students in China. We have been conversing for seven years over email since I taught in a summer program. She is coming to study at UC Berkely this summer ~ as long as she is granted an F-1 Visa. Please pray with me for her opportunity to come to the United States.

Seven years I've been anticipating and waiting! If she comes I will go to Cali or I'll fly her to Texas. God is GOOD!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Purpose of a Voice

Welling up from within a voice births sound tween ribbon strands. It runs it flows to over full, along the tongue through lips unclosed. Pulsing waves move unseen till ear so set will kindly heed. Dancing drifting further in it lands upon the soul of man. Through the guard of softness' gate with wounds or gifts in love to take. Man as one cannot live but shall receive the song of voice.

(c) 2008 by Kendra Hinkle.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This week I went home in very bad pain. I was unable to focus on work and couldn't drive myself home. I've never been immobilized to that level outside of surgery. Speaking and walking were difficult challenges, things that had been so easy before. My energy was drained trying to focus on gentleness of speech and clear directions on the way home. (The Lord knows how hard this was for me!)

My pain subsided with medication. It was temporary. But I have three friends that deal with severe pain management on a daily basis. The energy it took to act kindly and patiently gave me a new respect for what they face in  the daily acts of life. It's like you are in slow motion processing everything through the veil of pain while the world speeds on around you.  

I really stink at extending compassion and remembering that life takes extra effort for them. So, today I wanted to post a reminder. To me. To anyone. Be considerate of those around you who face daily challenges with pain. 

Saturday, April 05, 2008

In the Wilderness

Did you know that the book of "Numbers" gets its common name from Latin? The original Hebrew name presents a major theme much more clearly, it means "in the wilderness." The following quote is an excellent challenge for anyone who finds themselves in the wilderness times of life. The wilderness is "a place where God's people will either deepen their trust in the power of their God to supply their needs or doubt their God's abilities and resources." (Handbook on the Pentateuch by Victor Hamilton, p. 303)

Are you growing in trust or growing in doubt? May the God of gentleness help you to cling to Him in trust as you walk paths in the wilderness.