Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ode to Amber

Amber is the kind of girl who will be your friend for life. She will watch movies with you, dump cold water over the curtain when you shower, and sleep outside the bedroom door when you are deathly sick. She likes to play in the snow and play at the prison in Jesus' name. And she will call your cell phone pretending to be a man. I like Amber. She's my friend.

She likes dogs and kids and yelling loud. And its OK if you don't like to yell. She can do it for you. Her mom makes killer Chex Mix. She is crazy fun. She likes to call you when drunk men are banging on her door in the middle of the night and she's waiting for the police. She likes Phil, Jill, and Will as names for apartment plants. And when you kill it because your office has no windows, she will save your ivy plant. She has common sense. She likes to work hard, do youth ministry, play softball, and visit families in Kansas. She'll even ride in your car with gasoline fumes and sparks, with the possibility of death. She loves Jesus and prison inmates. She'll go to your family farm and climb trees, too.

Amber is a true friend. She will put up with your desire to rearrange all the furniture every few months. She will help hold the loveseat from falling from the second floor though it has been impaled by the bannister because you weren't strong enough to lift it up and over. She won't make too much fun of you when you get mad at the Jello after surgery. She will cry with you when the kitten you almost adopted gets sold. And she will be a sport when you wake her up to tell her what you learned. She'll share with you honestly. And best of all, she'll tell you "don't go". . .just to see how long it takes before you stop giving in and actually go.

It's a good thing Amber is my friend!