Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mother's Day at the Zoo

My mom, sister and I spent the day at the zoo on Mother's Day. Here's our self portrait...after many tries. I've also encluded some other nice pics.

Begging for attention.

Begging for solitude instead of being the freak show.

A giraffe who decided that licking the building was tasty!

Thursday, May 04, 2006


In the dark hours of the morning, I gathered with others from my church for THUMP (Thursday Morning Prayer). Getting ready for such an early morning was a sleepy struggle, but gathering with the saints and coming before God in concentrated, corporate prayer was priceless. I walked away with truth that continues to challenge my flirtatious heart.


During prayer, a wise, older sister in Christ was confessing to the Lord that we flirt with sin. We like our sin. We like it so much that instead of accepting the truth of God and His Word, we entertain sin to please ourselves. We won't fully reject God, but we will definitely flirt with sin as though it is harmless. James 4:4 says, “You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God?”(NIV) If you've read from the Bible, you'll recognize that hatred toward God is definitely not harmless!


My Christian sister’s prayer was teaching me that I am a flirt. For example, I may desire excessive food, lustful thoughts, or to be secure through my public image. Instead of resting in Christ for His timing and provision of my natural desires, I decide to take action into my own hands and flirt with indulgence. As a flirt, the 5th piece of pizza, the daydreaming about a crush, or the pining for people’s approval seems so harmless. Yet, the consequence is that I’ve devoted myself to being my own greatest reward and my own source of ultimate pleasure.


On the other hand, I flirt with sin by living according to law. I require myself to be righteous through excessive exercise, refusing to admit sin in public, or requiring others to live by my rules. My legalism leads me to devote myself to being my own source of wisdom and my own source of righteousness. In that state I have no need for Christ. What seems like righteous acts is really developing in me the heart of an adulterous woman who does not remain committed to her true love.


Whether through indulgence or legalism, God becomes less and less my greatest pleasure, my redeemer, my wise counselor, and my great reward. My mouth acknowledges Christ, but in my flirty flesh I worship myself. The truth is that my need is Christ. My desperation is Christ.


Is there any sinful thought or action that you or I may be tempted to flirt with, whether by indulgence or legalism? James 4 goes on to instruct believers to draw near to God and to resist the Devil. As you see your sin (It’s there, don’t worry about having to look too hard!), remember that you have a great and merciful God. Draw near to Him in the reality of your sin and resist the Devil’s schemes by remembering what He has taught you in the Bible, by confessing your sin to Him, and by relating honestly with other Christians as you celebrate Christ.


Remember: Nobody likes a flirt.

© 2006 by Kendra Hinkle.

Monday, May 01, 2006


On Saturday, I attended a party for a Korean woman who was here studying musical conducting. These gals in the picture are some friends from China who invited me to the party. Cindy (on the far left) and I teach Bible study together on Friday nights. Can you imagine that I am the tall one in the picture? That's a first!

Later that night, our town had a huge Jazz & Arts festival. It was all free!!! I was able to attend with a couple of Korean young women. I love the crowds of people! Is anyone else an introvert who loves crowds?

The two ladies I "jazzed" with attend prayer in Dallas every morning at 6am with their Korean church. Talk about dedication and accountability! They are definitely being faithful to the Lord while here in the states. Their steadfastness is a lesson to me.

I got a job at my church working admin part-time. I also have a resume in for a Sorority House Director position living with the college gals. Please pray! I'd love to serve there, but also might be better fitted with my gifting elsewhere.