Saturday, July 05, 2008

Personal Definition of God

God, the Holy Trinity
From eternity past you exist, no breath of life entered. From you has generously come every created thing: angels, matter and man. Sustainer of life you depend on none, but kneel to reveal yourself to fallen mankind. Who can contain the whole thought of you? Without contradiction and undefiled, glory is your garment. Holy, wholly other, the three of you stand apart from your workmanship. Your one magnificent Name and one character unite you as one God, but with three volitional and relational persons who function within your will. Wellspring of light and truth and all knowledge, your persons are unique and still fully reconciled to one another in perfect love and ability. Though things on earth change within your sovereign will, you remain steadfast to yourself.

Head of the three, Father, you remain in heaven. Though immanent and everywhere present, your full form is unseen by human eyes. Loving that which you created, you reveal truth and righteousness - even heralding the coming of your only begotten Son. Though once dwelling equally with you, you received His earthly prayers as a man’s requests. Under your authority the Spirit also subjected Himself to your will, and to Jesus who would gift Him to believers. You gave Jesus all authority that the perfect will of three-in-one would continue to completion. A just judge over men, you are the keeper of a holy standard. Though Satan approaches to destroy, you ordained all of time according to redemptive purpose and glory. Yet you know and hear and weave so well the heart of man into your scheme. You oversee redemption’s story.

Clothed in flesh, my Savior and my Lord, you are robed with humility. Preeminent and fully Divine, you relinquished for a time your deified position to dwell among sinners. You were born of a virgin, and begotten of God. While divine will, power and knowledge were at your command, you grew in favor and stature as any man. To your glory, to my glory, you chose to live a sinless human life and resisted Satan’s temptation. As a teacher of truth and Messiah of God’s Kingdom, you were perfect in obedience to the Father’s will. You suffered and died according to the Prophets and the Law as the only one who could bear God’s holy wrath and fulfill His covenant love. But death could not hold you. You are a redeemer. Resurrection is yours. All things rest under your authority.

The Holy Spirit
My helper, my counselor, a place of holy rebuke - you are present on earth, living in me, a seal of what is the Father’s through Christ Jesus. You are the power of the three-in-one among a fallen world. Fully knowledgeable and everywhere present, you make known to men the will of the Father and the Son. You are a living testimony of truth, goodness and righteousness that Jesus sent upon His departure. You have no human form, but dwell in the temple of the saved. You bring about faith and righteous deeds that the world may see and feel and know the three-in-one who created life. You are a living and close friend equaled only to the Father and Son. You are a purposeful and present minister to my soul.

By Kendra Hinkle 2008. Assignment for Trinitarianism class at Dallas Theological Seminary, SU08. All footnotes have been omitted to save space, but a complete version is available upon request.